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Motion Planning for Multiple Autonomous Vehicles

This is a complete list of the presentations covering the PhD work. For videos, text, table of contents and other things, please visit the PhD webpage.

Robotics, Intelligent Vehicles and Related

  • Increased Visibility Sampling for Probabilistic Roadmaps (Download PPT)
  • Dynamic Programming Accelerated Evolutionary Planning for Constrained Robotic Missions (Download PPT)
  • Decentralized Multi-Robot Mission Planning using Evolutionary Computation (Download PPT)
  • Evolutionary Mission Planning (Download PPT)
  • Sampling based mission planning for multiple robots (Download PPT)
  • Self-Driving Cars: Towards Apocalypse of Human Driving and Re-Shaping Futuristic Transportation Systems (Download PPT) (View Video)
  • Motion Planning for Multiple Autonomous Vehicles, Best PhD Award Presentation at ITSC, 2014 (Download PPT)
  • Robot Motion Planning: Approaches and Research Issues (Download PPT)
  • Motion Planning for Multiple Autonomous Vehicles, PhD Thesis Defence Presentation (Download PPT)
  • Motion Planning of Autonomous Vehicles in a Non-Autonomous Vehicle Environment without Speed Lanes (Download PPT)
  • Multi-Level Planning for Semi-Autonomous Vehicles in Traffic Scenarios based on Separation Maximization (Download PPT)
  • Planning Autonomous Vehicles in the Absence of Speed Lanes using Lateral Potentials (Download PPT) (View Video)
  • Planning of Multiple Autonomous Vehicles using RRT (Download PPT)
  • Fusion of Evolutionary Algorithms and Multi-Neuron Heuristic Search for Robotic
    Path Planning (Download PPT)
  • Fusion of probabilistic A* algorithm and fuzzy inference system for robotic path planning (Download PPT)
  • Robotic Path Planning using Multi Neuron Heuristic Search (Download PPT)
  • Overview of Robotic Path Planning (Download PPT)
  • Mobile Robot Navigation Control in Moving Obstacle Environment using Genetic Algorithm, Artificial Neural Networks and A* Algorithm (Download PPT)

Soft Computing, Artificial Intelligence and Related

  • Diagnosis of Breast Cancer by Modular Evolutionary Neural Networks (Download PPT)
  • Intelligent Systems (Download PPT)
  • Computational intelligence (Download PPT)
  • Exposure to Toxicants of Chemical & Biological Warfare Agents (Download PPT)
  • Self-Adaptive Parallel Processing Neural Networks with irregular Nodal Processing Powers using Hierarchical Partitioning of Artificial neural Networks (Download PPT)
  • Multi Neuron Heuristic Search (Download PPT)
  • Fuzzy Neuro Systems for Machine Learning for Large Data Sets (Download PPT)
  • Speaker Identification using Wavelet Analysis and Artificial Neural Networks (Download PPT)
  • Optimized Graph Search Using Multi-Level Graph Clustering (Download PPT)

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