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There is a logical betterment to have your teacher banging in complicated technical garbage on you in a nice cozy environment of your room, rather than a classroom. Even though classrooms are experimentally proven to be great places of sleep, the comfort of sleep in your own cozy chair in front of your well-decorated wall is priceless. And the profit is doubled if that's not your teacher, when learning is purely under the exam pressure or voluntary, and when you have the power to fast forward and speed control the stuff. In pursuit of modern ways of learning and teaching, each as lazy as the other, here are a few series that might be of your interest.

Soft Computing

Soft Computing, or better known by the individual constituents of Neural Networks, Evolutionary Algorithms and Fuzzy Logic, is arguably every student/research project's success and cheat sheet. And the increasing pressures on producing novel systems, often confused with more complicated systems, brings in plenty of ways of combine these techniques in any manner - naturally or forcefully. Immense problem solving capabilities, technology behind every tough looking application title, lots of possibilities to create minor/major variants to quote novelty and lots of areas to research. Find out more about the technology and use it for your problem of choice.

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Motion Planning for Multiple Autonomous Vehicles

Can't afford a driver while feel lazy to drive yourself? Have one, but fed up of the daily excuses and bad driving? Your holiday could have been too exciting but wasted worrying about the road, traffic and parking rather than the scenic stuff? Too scared to drive at those rapid highways? Find travelling too sleepy to be driving carefully?

Well autonomous vehicles are coming to your rescue. This series gives you an insight into the technology and what all you could expect in the future. See for yourself if these vehicles can be smarter than you to quarrel with your competitors on road, navigate the most unmaintained and poorly structured roads and drive the hard Indian way!

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