Building the future of the world by instructing the best talents of the country, recruited via the most challenging examination in mankind and carefully selected to as to take the top thin slice of it, is a wonderful process. A morning to evening heavy schedule for the students, with the amazing faculty-student-courses ratio of the institute makes sure you are never short of lectures and classrooms filled with sleepy and dull faces of the world's future. And we love exploring the darker times of the days and conventionally believed to be fun days of the week to make sure the students do not develop the bad habit of having a leisure time and are never short of a quality classroom sleep. And as a wake-up service, there are regular threats attacking the spectators at their weakest areas.

Robot Motion Planning

The course which teaches you how to make your robots visit exciting places on their own, without unnecessary micro-level instructions from you, thereby enabling them to fulfill your desires which span across rooms and geographical locations.

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Artificial Life Simulation

The course which lets you fantasize all the exciting things in the human life, everything good and bad you've done or has been done on you, everything done with foes or friends, and to appreciate or take revenge of everything in a simulation setup.

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Humanoid Robotics

A dream of every young robot enthusiast is to make the most advanced robot; and this course theoretically does the same, looking at the full-stack software development of the humanoid robots. The course could leave you with a thorough knowledge of robotics, or leave you with a feeling of multiple random chemicals having weird reactions inside your mind at a mere glance of the question paper.

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Artificial Intelligence (Part A)

The course which teaches how to build intelligent machinery, which ultimately challenges and even out-beats the intelligence of its human master, thereby leading the front of dominance of machines and enslavement of mankind in the next generation.

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Computational Intelligence

To all the souls that get motivated looking at the amazing intelligent machinery in ads, this course unwraps the garnishing and reveals all the technical jargons that form the backbone of all these systems. To top it up, you get to take home, for free, the intelligent machines that you make during the period of the course.

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Data Structures

The course which teaches you how to organize, store, retrieve and process data. Even though the data stored at your notebooks and rooms may be the most un-organized, hard to fetch and comprehend, you'll learn how to tidy it up in a virtual world.

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Object Oriented Methodologies (Part B)

While the first part of the course lets you take out your drawing boards and make good designs, being a bad artist, I stick to the scarier part. In part B we give you problems which do not actually exist, behind a storyline that is still better than the daily soaps, and let make solutions in JAVA.

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Robotics and Industrial Automation

The course which teaches you how to work with scary looking industrial robotic manipulators and make them dance at your finger-tips, a supreme feeling. Learn how these beasts can butcher anything on getting your orders, and do so time and again, day and night, endlessly.

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Principles of Programming Languages

Still trying to decipher this course myself!

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