Sampling based Motion Planning

If preparing all chapters while studying a day before the exams is hard, it is always possible to sample out a few questions from last years’ papers and important notes, and only prepare those. Similarly, if searching the entire space is not possible, mine out a few samples in different areas, see if the samples connect without incurring collisions, making a tree/graph, using which connect the source and goal to get a path.


Intelligent Transportation Systems

Stuck in traffic for hours, it is imperative to think of why is everybody not moving, how to get yourself identified as a VIP and take priority, how to bribe the system to get you going, and if there can be a better method than to arrive early morning for a late night flight just to be safe? Here are the answers.


Motion Planning for Multiple Autonomous Vehicles

Daily driving is a boring task, and it is expected to instead try all varieties of stunts to dazzle the crowds around. Autonomous vehicles certainly are capable of driving better, and their ability to showcase stunts should similarly be unquestionable. Given an unorganized traffic where the vehicles can do virtually anything they like, this is the game to succeed, defeat and survive.


Multi-Robot Motion Planning

Funny things happen when you have no idea how the person in front is walking, who has the same opinion about you, and the two end up in an amazing display of oscillatory walking. Funnier things happen when its robots instead of humans. Robots see, may talk, quarrel, deceive, reach a consensus, and walk.


Path Planning for Mobile Robots

Drunk or non-drunk, how stupidly can you walk your way home? Think of the worst walks you've seen in life, and compare those with the ones the robots showcase. From the ability to surpass the most complicated mazes and the ugliest obstacle networks, to the ability to look like a fool in simple cases, the robots can do it all.


Soft Computing

The art of making awesome machines which solve the most complicated problems you may associate with technology, without actually putting in that much of time and energy! Take a peek into the manner by which humans grow up, think, and solve; inculcate similar principles in machines; and that is work well done


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