Soft Computing

Soft Computing, or better known by the individual constituents of Neural Networks, Evolutionary Algorithms and Fuzzy Logic, is arguably every student/research project's success and cheat sheet. And the increasing pressures on producing novel systems, often confused with more complicated systems, brings in plenty of ways of combine these techniques in any manner - naturally or forcefully. Immense problem solving capabilities, technology behind every tough looking application title, lots of possibilities to create minor/major variants to quote novelty and lots of areas to research. Find out more about the technology and use it for your problem of choice.


S. No. Topic View
1. Introduction View
2. Expert Systems, Machine Learning and Pattern Matching View
3. Machine learning (cont) and Graph Search Methods View
4. Graph Search Methods View
5. Graph Search Methods (cont) and Clustering View
6. Clustering (cont), Classification, Functional Approximation and Optimization View
7. Artificial Neural Networks - Introduction and Architectures View
8. Artificial Neural Networks - Learning and Back Propagation View
9. Artificial Neural Networks - Back Propagation and Design Principles View
10. Radial Basis Function Networks View
11. Learning Vector Quantization and Self Organizing Map View
12. Other Neural and Classification Models View
13. Evolutionary Computation and Genetic Algorithms View
14. Genetic Operators View
15. Genetic Operators and Problem Solving View
16. Optimization Analysis View
17. Optimization Analysis (cont) and Design Principles View
18. Fuzzy Logic View
19. Fuzzy Operators View
20. Fuzzy Operators (cont) View
21. Fuzzy Systems Design Principles View
22. Particle Swarm Optimization and Ant Colony Optimization View
23. Other Swarm Intelligence Algorithms View
24. Other Swarm Intelligence Algorithms (cont) and Genetic Programming View
25. Genetic Programming (cont) View
26. Grammatical Evolution View
27. Evolutionary Strategies View
28. Evolutionary Strategies (cont), Adaptation, and Other Evolutionary Algorithms View
29. Hybrid Computing and Evolutionary Neural Network View
30. Variable Architecture Evolutionary Neural Network View
31. Grammatical Evolution Based Evolution of Neural Network View
32. Evolutionary Fuzzy Inference System View
33. Evolutionary Fuzzy Inference System (cont), Multiple Neural Network Systems View
34. Neural Network Ensembles View
35. Modular Neural Networks View
36. Evolutionary Multiple Neural Network Systems View
37. Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Inference Systems (ANFIS) View
38. Parallel Evolutionary Algorithms View
39. Hierarchical Evolutionary Algorithms and Supplementary Topics View

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